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Medication and Allergies List Changes

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  • Feb 22 2018
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  • Guest commented
    22 Feb 16:55

    Happy to see the 2/16/18 changes to the medication entry screen. Our agency had to develop our own standardized language that we've been using since 2013 so it's great to see that Nightingale Notes adopted this idea and made things more uniform. I have a few issues with the setup though that I'd like to see changed. The frequency time boxes are out of order. They need to be ordered by time of day: AM, NOON, PM, and Bedtime. Currently they are: AM, PM, NOON, and Bedtime. It also affects how the med list populates the frequency times so if you have a TID med, it will list it out of order: AM, PM, Noon. 

    The medications in the "Takes per Self" category should print on a new page rather than a continuation of the active medications or the header for "Takes per self" needs to be more distinguished. The very first new medication list I printed has the "Takes per Self" section on the bottom of page 2 and all the "Takes per Self" medications starting on page 3. 

  • Guest commented
    22 Feb 16:59

    Would it also be possible to have the medication name appear on the same line as the other entries when you print a report? It would appear the new format uses way more paper than necessary. Some simple formatting changes could greatly reduce the amount of paper used.

  • Kelsi Winter commented
    22 Feb 21:20

    Hi there,


    This medication update actually does not work the greatest for our clinic. Our question is, do we have to have our department/clinic use this new update? Can you apply this update to clinics/users that "Opt-In" to use it?  The previous one worked much better for us when we simply had a "write in" option for the frequency, as the frequencies that are now listed simply do not work for what we prescribe. For example, an RX for Cipro was just given out today, in the previous set up we would be able to write BID x 5D in the "frequency" box, we now only have the option of "two times daily" (without the ability to adjust for 5D in duration) or we have to ALWAYS choose "Other" then type in another section what we ideally want.

  • Ashley Krone commented
    08 Mar 17:04

    Hi there.  Wondering if it would be possible to also add a couple of frequencies:

    Every 4 hours

    Every 3 days or 72 hours (Fentanyl patches for example)

  • Stephanie Welsh commented
    13 Mar 14:53

    I agree the way the med report is formatted it used a lot of pages which make the paper copy cumbersome. There is a lot of space used for box formatting and blank space.

    It would be really nice to see the frequencies  of 1 day per week, 2 days per week, 4 days per week, 5 days per week and 6 days per week added as these are used frequently in our practice, especially for anticoagulants like Warfarin. Biweekly once per week do not seem to fit when you have one dose for 6 days per week and the other for 2 days per week and do not seem as clear as saying  the number.

  • Wendi Strunk commented
    16 Mar 20:20

    The newly formatted boxes really do make the medication lists very long and waste a lot of paper.  The prior version was much easier to read also.  Sorry!

  • Jodi Wolf commented
    18 Apr 15:07

    I would like to request that "other" not appear on the 485.  Not only does it make the medication list appear messy it also creates potential for a med error if a care provider were to interpret this as meaning every other day.

  • Jodee Sugden commented
    23 Jul 15:52

    under the med set up tab under activities I would like to see the "check all" on both sections of medications that we set up and the ones they take themselves, as we dont set up the ones they take themselves so we cant really use that "check all" tab currently.  Also would like to be able to just enter the frequency once "7 days" for all as an option too for all the ones that we set up. Then when we use it we can just click the check all for the ones we set up and the ones they take themselves we leave alone- and then if we go in just weekly we would just type in "7 days" and it would put it in all the slots when we "check all"   There are so many regulations that we just need to have these things done with ease and quickness.  If we could ever be able to print that page as it looks too as it is a nice clean version for our staff to use to fill the medications.

  • Admin
    Nicole Sowers commented
    19 Nov 20:33

    Many of the suggested changes have been made. A few were not able to be used by the majority of agencies and were not implemented.