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Employees Should Not Have Access to So Many Fields Usiing Update Employee Info link

When a NN employee’s password has expired they are prompted to change their password upon logging into NN. The screen they are set to is the employee set up screen so that they can enter their new password.

Our issue: it seems that staff might also have the capability to change other fields on that employee set up screen (such as employee number).Another issue is that they can access and change their Direct Secure Messaging password which could be a problem.

This is an issue for us because we have set up the employee numbers to be very specific and if they were to be inadvertently changed it would cause a problem with the interface we have made between NN and our payroll system.

Is there a way to make certain that the only fields that can be changed at password reset would be the 2 password fields?

  • Champ Ideas
  • Aug 11 2017
  • Future consideration