Champ Software Sales Force Portal for Aha

Add Start and End Times to Planned Services tab

Please add fields of Start and End Times on the Plan Services tab. In the Scheduler, in the New Appointment input screen…. first tab.. where you make a new appointment… it allows you to specify Time, i.e. Start time and End Time for the whole appointment itself. However, when you go to the Plan Services tab attached to that appointment, you cannot delineate start and end time for each service line.  Thus when you generate the services, one has an incomplete Service entry for those agencies that want all clock time recorded. Second upshot of this is…. if an agency wants to enter mutliple Immuniz. clients coming in for a blocked Office Imm appointment under the Plan Services, they cannot designate a particular Start time they are coming NOR CAN THEY create a report for the clinic nurse as to who is coming at what clock times for the day so they could check them off or see who was missing/not in attendance.   B. Larson for Siouxland HD
  • Champ Ideas
  • Jul 17 2017
  • Future consideration