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Client Self-Entry Portal

It would be helpful to allow the clients the ability to enter in some of their own information prior to their appointments. Currently they are filling out forms with their information, demographics, health history, etc. then someone from our staff has to enter that into NN. If a secure client portal could be used to allow the client to enter this information directly into NN that would eliminate a step and save a lot of time. The client could enter this information at home prior to the appointment, at a kiosk in our waiting room, or on a floating ipad in our waiting room. The nurse would then be able to access this information through our portal and perform additional assessments.
  • Champ Ideas
  • Jun 8 2017
  • Future consideration
  • Champ Ideas commented
    August 23, 2017 00:15

    We would like clients to be able to register online to save a lot of time.